Saturday, February 15, 2014

When you are wrong, you are wrong. Apparently, there are two marriage certificates issued. But the beauty Queen did not marry the dump truck driver.

It seems rather strange that a beauty queen would marry a dump truck driver from the Rat King gutters of Beijing, and why do they need two marriage certificates. The dictatorship of the proletariat state god marriage counselor is taking it a little bit to far in this newly emerging Picasso nation. Showtime! Push the button: Red makes you look stupid; Green makes you look smart. Green-Red makes you look even smarter.

As this year's western Valentine's Day coincides with the Chinese Lantern Festival, and the date Feb. 14, 2014 is pronounced similarly with "Love you for a lifetime, love me for a lifetime" in Chinese, many couples have chosen this particular day to apply for the marriage certificate. It is expected that the number of marriage registration in Beijing today will set a new record in history. 

Regis had a pretty happy marriage until the Bones, Skull, and Jew Cross State Department and David Letterman and Diane Sawyer hit him in the head with a ball bat. Will testify against the CIA mob if you make him the Ambassador to Japan.

Confronted Diane Sawyer with naked pictures of her in a lesbian shower arrangement. Their top dog Jew Empire enforcer and recruiter.

These CIA Agents will have a rough go of it for the next 30 years. From being Kings of the Jew Empire World to being kings of the garbage dump heap in a just a few resurrection, Blue Rigel seconds.

CIA recruiting in broad daylight and recruiting a skinny homosexual negro who wants to be reunited with his African father over a blow job by a white CIA agent isn't covered by the Constitutional contract with the People of the United States and Congress. Under the Patriot Act, all agents of a foreign devil constitution can be removed from power and office and deported to Africa, if they pass judgment.

Clare Danes did not read the fine print in her expired television contract. A Spook controlled restaurant in Washington, D.C. You should get 20 million dollars per episode and a goddess body guard after this criminal enterprise experience.

Our Team

Our team will be led by Nicholas Stefanelli, a talented young chef who was formerly the chef de cuisine at Fiamma in New York. Stefanelli, a graduate of L’Academie de Cuisine in Gaithersburg, MD, is developing a delicious menu to showcase beautiful food with Italian flavors. His Italian culinary experience also includes working as chef de partie of Laboratorio del Galileo and serving as sous chef of Maestro, the former AAA Five Diamond, Mobil Four-Star Italian restaurant in McLean, Virginia.

Nicholas Stefanelli, Executive Chef
Chef Nicholas StefanelliMaryland native Nicholas Stefanelli set his early sights on becoming a fashion designer intent on studying in Italy after graduating from high school in 1998. Instead, he fell in love with the foods of Italy while traveling extensively, appropriate given his Greek/Italian heritage, growing up with grandparents who raised their own produce and delighted in cooking and sharing experiences around the table.
To pursue his new dream, Stefanelli enrolled in L’Academie de Cuisine in Gaithersburg, MD, graduating in 2001 to enter an externship at Galileo restaurant in Washington, D.C. After a few short months, he quickly rose to chef de partie at Galileo, and then went on to become the chef de partie of Laboratorio del Galileo, a exclusive dining room with a completely open kitchen tucked in the back of Galileo, where he crafted twelve-course tasting menus for the restaurant’s guests.
Then in 2003, he accepted the position of chef de partie at Maestro, the AAA Five Diamond, Mobil Four-Star Italian restaurant in McLean, Virginia where he remained until 2007, moving up to the position of sous chef, responsible for assisting with menu research and development, plus the daily kitchen operations. Working under Maestro’s James Beard award-winning chef Fabio Trabocchi, Stefanelli cultivated a talent for cooking and expanded his knowledge of the nuances of Italian cuisine. Trabocchi taught Stefanelli everything from understanding the regional culinary traditions of Italy, to sourcing rare ingredients; knowledge that continues to serve him well today. An able young chef, Trabocchi proclaimed Stefanelli as a rising star in the industry and encouraged him to stage at Thomas Keller’s world renowned French Laundry in California, which he did in 2004.
After four years at Maestro, Stefanelli next followed his famous mentor to New York City in 2007, and he was promoted to chef de cuisine at Trabocchi’s Fiamma restaurant. Fiamma earned a three-star rating from the New York Times during his tenure in the kitchen, and Stefanelli was able to establish his own cooking style in the process, blending the culinary heritage of Italy with his own modern sensibilities, crafting his own unique brand of gourmet artistry.
Stefanelli returned to Washington in early 2008 to cook and eventually lead the kitchen at Mio Restaurant downtown. Then in July 2009, Ashok Bajaj tapped him as the new executive chef to help develop the menu for Bibiana at 1100 New York Avenue, NW which is scheduled to open in early September of 2009.

Survived the Circus of the Lune homosexual reap in Santa Monica, California, in the name of the King of Cornwall, England. The Los Angeles Times perished in the solar flames of hell.

The Value of the Lune in the Sun is in Ra's not volume. The Jedi Dog loses his paw when Cancer travels through the King George, King/Queen Aba, Princess Kate Moss, Rainmaker field to the mountains of Nepal.

Cyrus Miley taking an earring chapter out of the Blue Rigel 22 play book. AKB-48 is the name of a goddess designer marijuana pill. What is next? pregnancy on her debut trip to Japan?

The King of Cornwall controls the Crown Jewels, The Dark Cat Eyeliner, but he has a problem with the Mother Goddess weather, King Harry, and Merlin.

The Flag of the Mad Dog, Mad Wolf, Mad Alligator King of Great Britain, the Duke of Oxford, Prater of Lord Clinton and Billary the Eighth. The Overlord University of Hogwarts, Homosexual Headmaster of suck, Israel.

Any deviation from the Gold/Silver; King David/King Judas Hollywood standard is not tolerated in their Crown, King Cornwall world.

Cheeky 43, King Cornwall Hollywood attack on 30% alcohol content beverages.

The Republic of Heaven's Challenge to Princess Mao Royal of Spain

In a Blue Rigel Republic of Heaven, a heavenly abandoned prince has the same weight as a crown prince. If the prince is still unclaimed by the Crown of England, Blue Rigel Heaven will raise him in heaven.

A regional daily offered its readers an alternative to the usual royal baby front pages when it contrasted the fortunes of the new prince with a baby abandoned last week.
The Worcester News ran a a close-up of William and Kate’s little prince alongside one of baby Joseph, who was abandoned in a bag on a doorstep in Worcester last Thursday.
Its story contrasted the circumstances of the two births and was headlined “Tale of Two Babies”.
The twist on Wednesday’s front page, pictured below, came after West Mercia Police issued a fresh appeal for Joseph’s mother to come forward. 
Deputy editor John Wilson said: “We were looking for different angle on the royal baby story when West Mercia Police issued a press release about their search for Joseph’s mum which began, ‘On the day the world’s focus is on a newborn baby…’.”
He added that the title had “no hesitation in pinching their good idea”.
The front page story highlights how the life of the new prince will be one of duty and enormous privilege, while the life awaiting Joseph is less certain.
Joseph was only a few hours old when he was abandoned in a distinctive hessian shopping bag on the doorstep of a Worcester childminder, sparking an urgent appeal to find his mother.
The Worcester News also published a 16-page royal baby souvenir supplement in its Wednesday edition.

In the Blue Rigel Augustus Republic of Heaven, you are promised eternal life on earth, as it is in heaven, if you seek the truth, seek the university of the soul of life, the wisdom of all the ages of human-kind and apply these truths and these universal bits and pieces of wisdom to help your bothers and your sisters and your Republic obtain a better life and a better soul for themselves. Your trinity, RST, country is the Roma and Sagittarius of the know worlds; all roads lead to the Republic of Heaven. In the Republic of Heaven, all snake gods and snake goddesses of the OPQ/OQP trinity Odin realms are dead at your feet.